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    There are lots of myths and misconceptions about surrogacy in the UK. Hear a real story.

    As part of her wonderful podcast What the Midwife Said, I chatted to midwife extraordinaire @hazard_leah for about how @pmorganbentley and I became daddies.

    I’ve really been enjoying #mafsuk but feeling increasingly uncomfortable watching Franky. Where’s the duty of care, @E4Tweets?

    Excited to share this tomorrow! Had such a blast chatting with @hazard_leah about all things surrogacy in the UK

    Thanks for sharing your unusual sleeping locations! I’ve read them all and the winners of early signed copies of #TheGuestHouse gave the 3 locations I found the most creepy:

    A 19th century abandoned orphanage, a haunted hunting lodge & King’s Cross Station in 1983…😱😮😬
    rmorganbentley photo
    Robin Morgan-Bentley @rmorganbentley

    My new thriller #TheGuestHouse comes out on June 23, 2022 in hardback, ebook and audio.

    I’m giving away 3 signed early copies for Twitter followers! To enter, answer this question ⬇️

    Where’s the most unusual place you’ve ever spent the night? 😬😮🤯