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This this this is how I feel too
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Philippa Cole 🦿 @pippaeliza
I am Disabled and refuse to be your inspiration. Please listen when I say I am DISABLED don’t then turn it into something more palatable for you, and call me “differently abled” it’s not a thing & it’s insulting. LISTEN! 👂 #ableism2020

Book research question for other thriller writers, or anyone that knows about police: if someone is kept in overnight for questioning (in the UK), what kind of cell would it be? Would there be bars? Or just a locked door? Would they be alone, or with others? #amwriting

Very cool remote, paid work experience opportunity with @orionbooks 👇
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Orion Publishing @orionbooks
We're delighted to share details of our new work experience scheme, designed in response to the lack of cultural, class and regional diversity in publishing, along with the challenging job market young people are facing this year. Full details:

If you're a lover of psychological thriller audiobooks, and devoured Blood Orange as quickly as I did, the new thriller from @harriet_tyce should be your next listen. The Lies You Told is out today from @Wildfirebks

Ben Whishaw recorded EM Forster's classic gay novel 'Maurice', at home in lockdown, and it was a total delight.

Listen here