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Isn't it rare to see love stories about older LGBT people? This film has stolen my heart with the trailer alone 🌈 rmorganbentley photo

This is an important thread. In England, the NHS does not fund IVF for gay male couples, but does for others in the majority of cases.

Wandered into the living room to @pmorganbentley exclaiming that "Elsa is an absolute dick". I think it's time for the shared parental leave swap. rmorganbentley photo

So worried about the mental health repercussions of another lockdown. So much chat about hospitals being more prepared for COVID cases, but what about resources for our mental health?

Wedding anniversary for @pmorganbentley and me today. We had a big party, in a very different, socially undistanced world. Celebrating tonight, just the two of us, in our living room with a bottle of cheap red wine, and that's all we need! 🌈🥳🍷 rmorganbentley photo

I have just learned that mum and dad needn't have a capital M and D. That's a lot of years of getting it wrong.